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Mexico, or The United Mexican States (Spanish: Estados Unidos Mexicanos), is a federal constitutional republic in North America. With a population of over 111 million Mexico is the most populous Spanish-speaking country in the world.

Before first Europeans came, throughout the centuries this land had seen many advanced civilizations such as the Olmec, the Toltec, the Teotihuacan, the Zapotec, the Maya and the Aztec. Spain conquered and colonized the territory in 1521, and the colony eventually became Mexico after gaining independence in 1821.

Mexico has diverse geography which includes coastal beaches, deserts in the north, mountain ranges known as the Sierra Madre, and the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt known as the Sierra Nevada. The majority of the Mexican central and northern territories are located at high altitudes, and the major urban centers in the valleys.

Mexico is ethnically diverse, multicultural nation, and it consists of many separate regional and ethnic groups such as the various indigenous peoples and European immigrants. The majority of Mexicans are Mestizos (mixed European and indigenous ancestry) which makes up the core of the Mexican cultural identity. Currently, Mexican population is increasingly urban, with close to 75% living in cities.

Mexico, which represents the largest source of immigration to the United States (about 9% born in Mexico is now living in the US) has its own problem with illegal immigration from South American countries.

Mexico is home to the largest number of U.S. citizens living abroad (estimated at one million), which represents 1% of the Mexican population.

Mexico has one of the largest tourism industries in the world. The coastal climate and popular beach resorts, ancient ruins and unique culture make Mexico attractive for travelers.

The peak tourist seasons in Mexico are during December, and in July and August, with surges before Easter, and during Spring Break popular among vacationing college students from the United States.

Often called Mexican Gold Coast or Mexican Riviera, western coast of Mexico is well known for its natural scenic beauty, as well for its coastal cities visited by cruise ships and popular among tourists.

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