Joshua Tree Pictures art gallery presents a collection of scenic photos of Joshua Tree National Park, museum quality color photographic prints, maps, links and info about this very interesting place in Southern California. 

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Joshua Tree National Park
Joshua Tree National Park in Southern California pictures.

One of the most unusual places on the border of Mojave and Colorado deserts in California — is Joshua Tree National Park. This world famous place features a colorful mix of giant strange rocks, funky plants, and wildlife of high desert.

Beauty and solitude, scenic routes and excellent camping make Joshua Tree National Park a piece of paradise for nature lovers and explorers, hikers and rock climbers, artists, and philosophers. See images in our photo gallery to "virtually" visit Joshua Tree.

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Joshua Tree National Park offers terrific opportunities for family nature adventures in a safe and friendly environment of California mountains. The best time to visit the park is in the spring (tops in April) and fall. Summer might be overly hot, with winter being comfortable during the day and cold at night.

Joshua Tree Pictures online gallery features original photography that portrays Joshua Tree National Park, as well as Coachella Valley / Palm Springs area in Southern California.


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